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I'm still in the process of moving all the MOS certificates to this page. if you don't see it listed here look on the main  USMC page,

USMC Rifleman's Creed

MOS  0311 USMC Rifleman

MOS  0311 Fire Team Leader

MOS 0317  New MOS   Scout Sniper

MOS  0321 Recon

MOS  0331 Machinegunner

MOS  0331- 0332   50 CAL

MOS  0341 Mortarman

MOS  0351 Infantry Assaultman

MOS  0352 Antitank Missileman

MOS 0365 Squad Leader

MOS  0369  Infantry Unit leader's Course

MOS  0369 Advanved  Infantry Unit Leader's Course

MOS 0369 Platoon Sergeants Course

MOS 0372   Special Ops Critical Skills Operator


MOS 0800 to 0844  Field Artillery


MOS  1300  Basic Engineer

MOS  1371  Combat Engineer

MOS  1371   Sapper Engineer


MOS 1811   Tank Crewman  M-48, M-60A1 


MOS 1812   Tank Crewman   M1A1 / M1A2


Tank Commander/Gunner Course   


Tanker School Ft Knox




M1A1 / M1A2


MOS 1833 Amphibious Attack Vehicle Crewman (Amtracks)



Aviator Wings    Wings of Gold Certificate

Aircrew Badge

Combat Aircrew Badge

Chopper Door Gunner

FMF Warfare Specialist

Aviation Supply Officer Wings

(TBS)  The Basic School  Officer Leaders Course





MOS  2111  Small Arms Technician


MOS  2300  Basic  EOD


MOS  2311  Ammunition Technician


MOS  2336  EOD Technician


MOS  2336 / 2547  Sabatoge & Demolition Expert

MOS  2531  Field Radio Operator

MOS  2671  Navy Cryptologic Training


MOS 3043 Supply Specialist


MOS 3500 to 3537  Motor Transport


MOS  5809  Basic  Military Police

MOS  5811 (MP)   Military Police

MOS  5821 CID    "Criminal Investigation"


MOS 6531 Aviation Ordnance Tech


MOS  7212  LAAD Stingers


MOS  8404  FMF Corpsman

MOS  8511  Drill Instructor

MOS  8511  Senior Drill Instructor

MOS  8513  Combat Instructor

MOS  8531  Primary Marksmanship Coach's Course

MOS  8531  Primary Marksmanship Instructor


MOS  8541   Scout Sniper

MOS  8542  Advanced Scout Sniper

MOS 0317  New MOS   Scout Sniper


MOS  8563  Combat Water Instructor




Marine Raider Certiificates

MOS 0372   Special Ops Critical Skills Operator


MOS 8071  Special Ops Capabilities Specialist


Marine Raider  Special Ops Combat Support Specialist


Close Quarter Combat

Close Quarter Combat Instructor


 If it isn't listed here email me, I probably have it, if not, I'll create one   

MOS Certificate Request

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