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Army ranger Training & Service Certificates




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ARMY Medal & Ribbon Certificates            

Ranger Creed - Personalized

Ranger  Certificate of Service

Ranger Unit Designation Certificates

(RIP) Ranger Indoctrination Program

Ranger  School

Ranger Certification


Military Free Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration Course


Airborne Basic School   1965 to Present

Airborne School   1950 thru 1964

Airborne Advanced School

Airborne Special Warfare

Ranger  Parachutist  Jump Wings

Ranger Parachute Rigger

Air Assault School


Recondo School

Pathfinder Course

Jungle Expert Panama

HALO Freefall School

Jump Master

Senior Parachutist

Master Parachutist

Rappel Master


CIB     Combat Infantryman Badge

CAB    Combat Action Badge

EIB     Expert Infantryman Badge

CMB  Combat Medic Badge


Expert Field Medical Badge

Combat Engineer School

Combat Patch


Close Quarter Combat

Close Quarter Combat Instructor


MACV SOG  Certificates  



Operation Just Cause  -   JSOTF - Panama

USAIAS     Intelligence Support Activity Service Certificate

Sniper School 

Special Forces Sniper

Sniper  School  Regular Army

Sniper  School  National Guard 

SOTAC  Sniper

SOTIC   Sniper

Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP)   Level I & II

SOCP Special Operations Combatives Program

3SD Solo Soldier Self-Defense

Ranger Advanced Hand to Hand Combat Course

Ranger  LRRP


Long Range Recon & Surveillance Leaders Course old Version


Reconnaissance Surveillance Leaders Course new course


LRRP Long Rang Recon Patrol & Surveillance Leaders Course


LRP Long Rang Recon Patrol Qualification


Mountain Warfare Training


ROK Ranger Badge Certificate

ROK Airborne School


RVN Ranger Badge Certificate

RVN Recondo LRRP

Jump School - Vietnam   Special Forces School

RVN Jump Wings

German   Jump Wings

Honduran   Jump Wings

Chilean   Jump Wings

French    Jump Wings







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  the ( Shadow Box Presentation  is 13" x 19" and printed on Photo Glossy).

These documents are unofficial and have been designed to commemorate your military service

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